RIO - Premier Flats Clear Floater

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RIO’s Premier Flats Clear Floater features full clear or 6ft clear tip configurations of gin-clear technology floating line, eliminating the need for a long, cumbersome leader, and allows the angler to cast flies closer to the target without spookingthe fish. Full clear option available for the angler looking for the maximum in saltwater stealth while the subtle seafoam head color behind the 6ft clear tip helps the angler and guide track the location of the fly throughout the retrieve for a perfect combination of stealth and angler visibility.

Built with RIO's classic Flats Pro taper, this fly line combines a mid-length head and a short, powerful front taper, designed to efficiently cast typical saltwater flats flies. This unique design makes quick casts to moving fish easy while also enabling longer shots when you need to reach out to distant fish on the flats.

- Available in both Clear Floating Tip and Full Clear options, for maximum saltwater stealth
- Built with RIO's Flats Pro taper for maximum versatility on the flats
- Color change marks the transition from head to running line, giving the angler a visual cue for when to pick up or shoot

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