Used & Consignment


Do you have old equipment laying around that you want to turn into something new?

If it is in great shape, bring it down to Drift Outfitters for us to inspect, accept into our program if it meets our requirements, and get it up on our web store!


Prices of consignment items are firm, set by the seller, and are not open to negotiation under any circumstance. 

All sales are final, with no option for return or exchange.

Drift Outfitters will visually inspect each item, and perform moderate stress tests on all rods and reels to ensure working order under normal circumstances.

We do not guarantee the items under the consignment program are without damage, and will not cause bodily harm.

We do not guarantee the items listed under the consignment program carry any manufacturer warranty or warranty of our own.

We, under any circumstance, will not identify the owner of the consignment goods for reasons of privacy, and confidentiality.

Only fly fishing equipment will be accepted under our consignment program.  Drift Outfitters reserves the right to refuse to take any goods under our consignment program that do not conform to our standards.  We will limit the number of goods on our consignment page, and in shop, to a reasonable amount.

Store credit will be given to individuals who's items are sold through the consignment program, minus consignment fees, not cash.

Our 'Free Shipping' promotion for orders over $200 does not apply to consignment items.

For information on how to get your goods listed on our web store, and fees that apply to consignment goods sold through our shop, send us an email at [email protected] and we will send you an electronic information package.