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Shop Special Integrated Scandi Launch!

We loved this line so much that we asked Rio to produce the Scandi Launch in an integrated version, and they said yes! With this exclusive production Drift Outfitters is one of only two shops in the world that have this line available for you. This line may not be produced again in the future, so get it while you can!
While shooting head systems do offer the ability to switch between different heads quickly, we hardly find ourselves doing so. Once we find a line that works well for our rods, we keep that head on for seasons at a time - why change a great thing, right? 
The Scandi Launch casts sink-tips like it was designed to, and it was! Casting sink-tips on many conventional Scandi heads can be a struggle, they’re typically designed to cast long nylon leaders and not sink-tips. Effortless casting of Polyleaders and Versileaders is a huge plus to this line.
This line is not going to cast large bulky flies, but mid-sized to small flies is no problem at all, including your favourite steelhead and Atlantic salmon hair wings.   We’ll be fishing this line from coast-to-coast, as it is a perfect line for west coast steelhead, Great Lakes steelhead, and Atlantic salmon no matter where you find them!
Smoooooth! The Scandi Launch Integrated has a built-in shooting line, so there are no clunky loop-to-loop connections as you’re stripping in for your next cast or while you’re fighting a fish.
Delicate yet powerful.  With the design of this head, it is all possible.  Even with the line’s lifting power and ability to cast sink-tips, this line still lands delicately, presenting flies in a wide variety of conditions.
Pick your poison!  If you want to fish this line with a long nylon leader fishing near or on-surface, this is also the line for you. With a sink-tip or not, this line will do everything you need it to.
In our opinion after spending countless hours swinging flies for migratory fish, this line checks every box besides casting big and bulky flies.
If you’d prefer to stick with your head systems, no worries, the Rio Scandi Launch head is still available through Drift Outfitters, find it here!

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