Renzetti - Traveler Game Changer Jaw

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Renzetti Ambassador Blane Chocklett is the most innovative Fly Tyer in recent years. His persistence and many years of developing a fly with the movement of conventional lures let him to the most recent boom in fly tying. Truly a gamechanger. His style of fly can be applied to any species and hook size.

While Renzetti's current vise jaws allowed Blane and many other fly tyers tie thousand of articulated flies for years, it sometimes struggled at holding loops on shanks. Blane and Andy Renzetti worked together in designing a jaw for the fly tyers to use when tying articulated flies.

As Blane has mentioned, the Game changer Jaw makes the whole tying experience easier and faster.

Made in the USA

*Includes jaws only, fits Renzetti Traveler vises (not saltwater models)

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