Pike Wiggler *Locally Tied*

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All flies are tied on high quality hooks with pinched barbs for easy release of fish. Tails are made from either latex or spandex (reflective tails are spandex) and will create vibration in the water for fish to key in on, they are generally durable but can get chewed up by fish. Feel free to trim the tail to your liking for desired action and if needed to reduce effort to cast.

Flies are roughly 6" when tail is fully stretched. You can cast these flies on 8wt rods, however a 9 or 10 will make the job easier. These are a perfect size for all pike fishing and will work well on musky, large bass, striped bass, lake trout, and other predatory fish.

For maximum action fish these with a light steel or titanium leader, if fish are line shy you might consider using fluorocarbon leaders in around the 40lb class, depending on size of fish.

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