New Zealand Strike Indicator

New Zealand Wool Yarn Spool

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The New Zealand Strike Indicator Individual Wool Yarn Spools

Each Wool Yarn Spool Includes:

  • New Zealand Wool Yarn - 3 Feet of New Zealand Wool Yarn
  • Perfect On River Spool Dispenser - The spools are light-weight, indestructible, re-usable, and fit easily into your vest, pack or shirt pocket.
  • Engineered For The New Zealand Strike Indicator System - 100% Pure New Zealand Wool Yarn Engineered to Fit The New Zealand Strike Indicator System. Use one strand for our "Regular Size Tubing" and three strands for our "X-LARGE Size Tubing"
  • The Best Strike Indicator Colors - Custom dyed in the best strike indicator colors - Neon Lemon, Radioactive Orange, Fluorescent Green, Stealthy White and Jet Black
  • Lots of Indicator Yarn - 3 feet of custom dyed and spun yarn per spool
  • Innovative Design - Spools are light weight and the perfect shape and size for using on the river
  • Designed for Fly Anglers - Fits perfectly into vest, pocket or pack - won't crush or deform
  • Convenient - Easy to carry - easy to use
  • Yarn is Custom Spun - Fits Perfectly - One strand for "regular tubing" - three strands for "x-large tubing"
  • Great Value - Wool and tubing are reusable
  • Pure, Natural and Bio-Degradable - Our yarn is made From 100% pure New Zealand wool
  • Guide Tips - Watch video below for guide tips

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