New Zealand Strike Indicator

New Zealand Strike Indicator - Four Colour Yarn Dispenser

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Product description

The Four Color Wool Yarn Dispenser is the highest quality and can be used with both our regular and X-large sized indicators

The Four Color Wool Yarn Dispenser includes:

  • 12 Feet of Custom New Zealand Strike Indicator Yarn - Makes the ultimate Regular and X-LARGE sized, Adjustable, Knotless, Stealthy and Super Sensitive indicators!
  • 100% Pure - New Zealand Wool - Natural and Bio-Degradable - Our wool has been specially selected because of it's wiry, water-shedding properties that allow a perfect float cast after cast. Our ultimate wool material provides a “no-spook” landing and presentation. It fills the indicator sleeve perfectly and can be trimmed to the size you want.
  • Highest Quality - Perfect Sized Dispenser - 100% Pure New Zealand Wool Yarn packed in "Perfect" on-river Four Color Yarn Dispenser. Holds 12 feet of yarn in total - 3 feet of each color Wool Yarn in the best strike indicator colors- Neon Lemon, Radioactive Orange, Stealthy White and Fluorescent Green. Precision Spun, Dyed and Engineered to Fit The New Zealand Strike Indicator System. Use one strand with our "Regular Size Tubing" and three Strands with our "X-Large Tubing"
  • Designed for Fly Anglers - Fits perfectly into vest, pocket or pack - won't crush or deform
  • Convenient - Easy To carry - easy to use
  • Yarn is Custom Spun - Fits Perfectly - One strand for "regular tubing" - three strands for "x-large tubing"
  • The Four Perfect Colors - We custom dye our New Zealand strike indicator wool yarn
  • Pure - Natural and Bio-Degradable - Our yarn is made From 100% pure New Zealand wool
  • Great Value - Wool and tubing are reusable
  • Guide Tips - Watch video below for guide tips

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