Scientific Anglers - Absolute Fluorocarbon Saltwater Supreme Tippet

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Product description

A unique two-layer construction means this 100% fluorocarbon tippet is the strongest SA's ever offered: up to 33% higher knot strength.  A softer fluorocarbon outside layer helps knots seat properly and increases overall knot strength, while the harder fluorocarbon core provides exceptional tensile strength.  Supreme Fluorocarbon tippet is also more supple than most other options, providing better drag free drifts while maintaining a stealthy footprint.

Supreme Fluorocarbon is available on SA's patented cutter spool with our improved tippet band for easy identification and dispensing.

  • Sizes: 10-20LB   
  • Length: 30m spools in all sizes      
  • 100% fluorocarbon for ultimate stealthy presentations 
  • Supple yet resilient material for exceptional knots in demanding situations 

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