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Large Pack of New Zealand Wool

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Large "Roll Your Own" Loose Wool Packs

A Pack Includes:

  • Large "Roll Your Own" Loose Wool Pack - 100% Pure New Zealand Wool available in the following colors: Mixed Colors, Stealthy White, Anti Glare Black, Bright Florescent Green and Hi-Vis Orange
  • Designed for Fly Tyers - Angler needs to be comfortable handling materials as they need to select the correct amount of loose wool to fill tubing
  • New Zealand Wool is Specially Selected and Dyed - This particular wool has been specially selected because of it's wiry, water-shedding properties that allow a perfect float cast after cast
  • Pleasure to Cast - Light and natural - casts like a dry fly
  • Stealthy - Lands gently - doesn't spook trout
  • Super Sensitive - Shows even the most subtle takes
  • Bristly Holds its Shape - Sheep bred to produce wool with these properties
  • Mixed Colors - Has all colors - Stealthy White, Anti Glare Black, Bright Florescent Green and Hi-Vis Orange
  • Stealthy White - Fish don't notice this color - looks like white foam
  • Anti Glare Black - For those days when there's glare and the water surface turns silver/gray - amazing how well black works in these conditions
  • Bright Florescent Green - very bright - easily seen in rough waters - also good to mix with other colors to make high visibility multicolored indicators
  • Hi-Vis Orange - Easy to see in turbulent water
  • Multicolor Indicators - Make multicolor indicators for optimal sighting
  • Regular Size Tubing - Will float a size 14 bead head nymph
  • X-Large Sized Tubing - Will float two size 12 tungsten bead head nymphs

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