ISO Nymph #12 *Local Favourite*

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Tied right here in Ontario! Buying locally tied flies supports local commercial tyers and also gets you the best producing patterns tailored especially to Ontario waters!

Isonychias, or ISO's, are one of our slightly larger mayfly species and are found on many Ontario rivers. What's really interesting about ISO's is how the hatch can be spread out over some time, weeks, or even months. You may find that some rivers have two different hatches of this insect in the same season, usually one early summer and another late summer, while other rivers have sporadic hatching taking place all through the latter half of summer. This makes it possible to find success with these flies even when you may not see many around.

ISO's are swimming nymphs, and they swim fast! You can fish this fly with a typical dead drift but you can also cast, swing, and strip it, the takes can be ferocious!

A minimum quantity of 2 flies of the same size has been set for this item due to the staff time and labour it takes to fulfill fly orders. In our experience it's always nice to have a spare if you happen to lose one on a rock or tree branch too!


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