Imitative Fly Tying (hardcover) - Ian Moutter

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This comprehensive manual introduces dozens of new fly tying techniques. It covers most areas of imitative fly tying, including nymphs, larvae, pupae, emerging flies, adult flies, and spent spinners.

The author of Tying Flies the Paraloop Way returns with this comprehensive overview featuring dozens of new techniques. Topics covered include:
• Emerging fly patterns. Alternative approaches to designing flies, including sub-emergers, detached hackles, "front and rear" shucks, bootlace flies, pre-formed foam under-bodies, "flex and foam," and many other new and alternative techniques.
• The newly emerged adult fly and how to create the true dry fly. Introducing the "under thorax" technique, how to use pre-formed foam underbodies on true dry flies, and how to expand the use of the double hackle.
• Spent spinners. Introducing the "over and under thorax" technique, detached hackles for spent fly patterns, and much more. Subsequent chapters cover nymphs, larvae, and pupae; small stream fishing; and a discussion on the use of the vise. Detailed illustrations and photographs throughout depict the steps described in the text.
• Introduces dozens of truly new techniques
• Comprehensive scope
• 250 color photographs; 25 illustrations; appendixes

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