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EP Shrimp Brush 2"

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Originally developed EP™ shrimp dubbing to use on shrimp patterns to imitate the grass shrimp that are in the Long Island Sound.   It’s A very lifelike, translucent brush that makes the perfect collar or body on any fly.  With 12 colors to choose from to match any baitfish, the EP™ SHRIMP DUB BRUSH is not only for shrimp but for many other fly patterns as well.

  • Blend of EP™ FIBERSEP™ SILKY, EP™ UV SPARKLE and Angora Goat
  • 6 Brushes Per Pack
  • 10" Length x 2" Width
  • Stainless Steel Wire Core
  • Extremely Durable
  • Does Not Absorb Water - Very Easy To Cast

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