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Ever been interested in trying out fly fishing? This course is a great way to try it out! While fly fishing has historically had a reputation for being an exclusive or unapproachable sport, fly fishing today is a vibrant community open to people of all backgrounds. Did you know you can fly fish anywhere, from Downtown Toronto to the most remote corners of the earth?
We'll teach you about everything you need to get started, including:
-what is fly fishing?
-the equipment
-fly casting
-choosing the right fly
-fighting fish
These lessons are geared to first timers or anglers who have just started, everyone is welcome. Let us help you get started on the right foot!

Classes are held at The Franklin Club in Mount Albert ON (roughly 45min drive from Toronto)


After each session students are welcome and encouraged to fish for up to an additional hour (catch and release only) at the Franklin Club for it's very large rainbow and brook trout!

The class is limited to 4 students to maximize attention devoted to each student. Cost is per person. Class is 4 hours long.
All rods and reels will be provided, however if students wish to use their own equipment they are welcome to, so long as the setup is appropriate for the course content. Please contact us to check if your equipment will be suitable for this class.

What we do provide (for use during lesson)

  • Rods, reels, fly line, leader

  • flies

  • pfd (for safety)

  • expert instruction

What you must bring (because we won't!)

For safety:

  • Brimmed hat (mandatory)

  • Sunglasses, prescription glasses, or protective eye wear (mandatory)


• Weather appropriate clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement


  • Refillable water bottle with your choice of non-alcoholic beverage

  • Snacks

  • Sunscreen

  • NOTE: The mandatory student information form must be submitted well in advance of the class date. Students will not be admitted to any course without a signed waiver, complete student information form, and specified safety equipment.

    Participants between the ages of 14 and 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Please see the policy below!

    Class & Cancellation Policy Class Policy

  • All attendees must sign the release of liability waiver provided before the course commences

  • All attendees must provide their own and wear protective eyewear (prescription glasses, safety glasses, or sunglasses) and a brimmed hat, and must wear them through the entire duration of the lesson. Any student arriving at the lesson without protective eyewear or a hat will not be admitted to the course.

  • Our lessons are a safe space for all - racist, homophobic, misogynistic, trans-phobic and any other discriminatory language will not be tolerated
  • No attendee will monopolize the instructor's time through requests and questions, as it must be shared equally amongst all students.

  • No participants may be under the age of 14. A parent or guardian must supervise any attendees under the age of 18 at all times.

  • Any equipment damaged during the course due to negligence of, or misuse by, an attendee will be repaired by Drift Outfitters at the expense of the attendee causing such damage. The fee charged will be the appropriate repair fee per item.

  • An individual enrolling in a course to watch the program (and not participate in hands-on portions) will be charged the same fee as full participants, unless they are supervising a minor. The individual supervising a minor can not join in on the course without also purchasing a ticket - supervision is not participation.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within 7 days of the course will not be issued a refund. Cancellations made up to 7 days before the course will be issued a full refund.

Safety is our number one priority. Proper footwear and eye protection (hat & sunglasses) must be worn at all times. Students must fill out a student information form, waiver, and agree to terms.

Review (2)

Stephen McCullough 16-04-2024 14:11

This session is perfect for the absolute beginner to fly fishing, but also useful for anyone with some experience as a way to develop core knowledge and good technique. Chris is patient and fun. His experience and approach is that of a natural teacher. The program itself removes any sense of being overwhelmed by all the things you will eventually know, but don't need to get started. Worth every cent.

John F 11-10-2023 18:03

I had a great afternoon on October 28 learning to Fly Fish with Chris K.
I found the small class size was just perfect for one-on-one instruction. Chris was so helpful, generous, and willing to share his comprehensive knowledge with extreme patience. I found Chris’ information and instructions played a huge role in our success fishing in the large pond.

John F

5 stars based on 2 reviews