Dohiku Micro Tippet Rings

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News from the competition scene: FIPS Mouche is now allowing the use of up to three tippet rings in competitions. See bottom of page. These black nickel alloy seamless rings are very small (2mm exterior diameter = 0.1 inch), smooth and seamless connectors between your leader and tippet. Tie one on the end of your leader, then tie the tippet onto the ring These rings make changing or replacing tippet easy without nibbling away at the leader. May be used on any leader system and are excellent for tying droppers. Though light enough to fish dry flies and midges on 6X tippets, they will handle any load your leader and tippet will bear. Use them to join nylon to fluorocarbon, tippet to tapered leader, or mono to braided line. 10 micro rings per pack. Made in Japan. Beware of cheaper imitations! Now available in 2mm and 2.5mm. Use the 2.5 mm rings to fit thicker lines used for salmon and steelhead fishing. You may even use them for saltwater fishing! "ARTICLE 28: COMPETITION LEADERS (2015 FIPS Mouche rules) 28.4. A maximum of 3 micro rings (leader rings) of a maximum outer diameter of 3 mm can be used. A maximum of 3 knots can be joined at a micro ring, they are considered as 1 knot (tbc)."

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