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Ovale Pure Silk Floss Junji Selection is composed by a 14 wooden spools of Pure Silk in box. A set of 14 unique colors of flat thread, slightly twisted with intense shine. Ovale Pure Silk Floss is manufactured in France for more than 180 years by the historical embroidery Au Ver a Soie. Dyed in floats (hanks) to guarantee a perfect uniformity, it is then presented in spools of 30 m.
Ovale Pure Silk Floss is a supreme material, as mohair, seal and pig's wool, to tie bodies of classic salmon flies. References can be found from the mainstreem authors of the Nineteenth Century. Historical patterns of William Blacker, George Kelson, Thomas Edwin Pryce-Tannatt, Major John Traherne, could not be realized without the shiny elegance of Pure Silk Floss.
Ovale Pure Silk Floss can be an essential element also for Catskill dry flies as can be documented in the patterns created by Walt, Mary and Winnie Dette, Harry and Elsie Darbee, Reuben Cross, Keith Fulsher, Herman Christian, Art Flick, Roy Steenrod, Theodore Gordon. Pure Silk Floss would be indispensbale in the heritage of North Country Flies, Classic Spiders and Wet Irish Flies, yet.

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