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Upstream Project

Support what supports you.

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We wouldn’t be a fly shop if we didn’t have fish in our waters, you wouldn’t be an angler if you didn’t have fish in yours.


Since Drift Outfitters & Fly Shop opened in the summer of 2015 we have had a focus on conservation, either donating funds to who can make the most difference, along with running our own stewardship initiatives.


Fast forward to 2022 we’re launching the Upstream Project.


The UP will encompass all of our fundraising, all of our stewardship initiatives, and requests for donations to conservation based organizations. 


Starting in February 2022 you can now donate to a number of conservation groups, including Trout Unlimited Canada and specific branches, when you

check-out on our web store


Fundraising needs to be easy, that’s why you can select a dollar amount from the cost of a cup of coffee to an amount of a new rod or reel to  be donated to one (or more!) of the listed groups of your choosing.  Add the item to your cart, complete your order and we’ll donate it on your behalf.

But, that's not all!

We will also be matching the donations from our customers up to $2000 per group, per year, and covering the cost of the transactions.


Look for the Upstream Project to grow in the

coming months, and years.


We can’t just use and take from our natural resources,

we must protect and conserve.

If we don't, who will?

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