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Credit River - C&R Section

The upper Credit is one of the most popular and storied trout fisheries in Ontario. The West Credit and Upper Credit above the cataract in Forks of the Credit Provincial Park are both home to productive fisheries for native Brook Trout. Below the cataract you can expect to find good numbers of wild browns, rainbows, and juvenile Atlantic Salmon.


This is a well known section of river with a number of publicly accessible sections.  The Credit Valley Conservation Authority publishes a significant amount of information on the river including general locations of fish species and public access points.


Please make sure you are very familiar with the special regulations that

govern this treasured fishery - the special regulations in the

C&R zone of the Upper Credit are:

  • Only one single point barbless hook may be used per angler

  • Catch and release for all species

  • No organic bait: no worms, no roe, no insects, no baitfish, etc.


The Credit is under significant pressure from urban development,

please consider supporting the river’s preservation.

Species most often caught:
Brown Trout - Brook Trout - Rainbow Trout
Atlantic Salmon (juvenile)

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