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Slipstream Angling Worldwide is a Toronto based company which specializes in destination angling aventures around the world. After traveling with Slipstream and having exceptional experiences each time, we fully reccomend and refer our travel inquiries to their incredible operation, we can't speak highly enough about them.  With 100 destinations in 25 countries, there are trips to fit everyone's interest and trips to fit most budgets.  With seamless planning and tested destinations, you're in great hands with Slipstream.  Once your trip is booked you will receive a guide to what you will expect at your destination, what gear you will need and what flies are most effective.  There are no questions that go unanswered and their follow-ups are absolutely thorough.


What Slipstream Does

For the past 12 years, Slipstream has been sending clients to the four corners of the earth to fish.  From the remote rivers of Southern Argentina to the pristine saltwater flats of Los Roques, Venezuela and just about everywhere in between.  Slipstream has been at the forefront of destination fishing travel.

They consider it a privilege to work on behalf of their clients.



Slipstream Angling Adventures has a truly global reach with extraordinary angling opportunities available throughout the world.  Being able to travel to far off locations with a fly or spinning rod in hand is one of the greatest joys in life and their main goal at Slipstream Angling is to make it as easy as possible for their guests to travel confidently to the four corners of the earth.  With 75% of the worlds' surface covered by water, both fresh and salt, there is a lot of prime water out there waiting to be fished!  The time that one gets to fish is extremely valuable and their full efforts are directed at getting their guests more time on the water, at the right time and in the right location.

They are anglers who work for anglers and they take this responsibility very seriously.


Airfare and Travel Services

Slipstream angling and their sister company, Slipstream Elite, have developed a very good relationship with a travel agent who has done wonders for their guests.  For 7 years Kim Oughtred has been working on behalf of many of their guests and they've found her skill set both exemplary and highly complimentary with what they do and how they work.  We highly recommend her services.


Corporate Travel and Events

Slipstream's Corporate Service program is designed to coordinate and manage larger group trips of between 25 and 200 guests, with the same efficiency and focus on services that their smaller group trip clients enjoy.  By appointing a dedicated staff member to oversee each group trip they manage, continuity and familiarity are ensured for each event.  Slipstream handles all facets of trip logistics so that their clients can focus on everything else.


Honeymoon and Anniversary Trips

 Over the past 10 years Slipstream has designed some truly exceptional "milestone" trips for their clients.  What started out as simply doing a favour for a friend and client who was finally getting married and asked for their help with the planning of their Honeymoon, has now snowballed into a full program of Anniversary and Honeymoon trips that often involve little to no fishing.  From beautiful jungle lodge retreats to comprehensive wine tasting tours of Argentina and Spain, their extensive travel experience and list of contacts is used to tailor the kind of trip that will reflect the significance of the event that you are celebrating.  The results of their Milestone Program have been nothing short of spectacular.

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