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Take Your Net And Stuff It - Waterway Clean-Up Contest - 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

The waterway clean-up contest from Coast to Coast to Coast – all you need to enter is what you probably already have… trash in your local waterways, a net, or anything else you can pack-out trash in!

Its all about the double duty while on the water, and with what you have!

Land those lunkers and keep our waterways clean at the same time!

Here are the rules,… yes…there are rules.

1 – You must collect trash from your local waterway

It does not matter how much trash you collect, you just have to collect trash from a waterway. Lots of trust here, please don’t collect and dump it right back where you found it (that’s not the point).

2 – Take a photo of what you have collected by your local waterway

We’re not looking to poach your fishing spots, so you can choose your background but it does need to be a waterway - a river, lake, stream, creek, or any waterbody in the background. We don’t need professional level photography or quality for your photo entry, but please make sure it isn’t blurry and we can see your efforts clearly.

3 – Pack it out

Take that trash with you away from where you found it (this is the point of the contest)

4 – Dispose of the trash properly

Please do not dump the trash elsewhere except for the proper places – put thrash in a trash bin, recycling in recycling, etc… you get it!

5- Post it to social media

Get posting, tagging and hash tagging! The point of this contest is to broadcast your act of everyday stewardship for the world to see and inspire others, and maybe win something while doing it!

You must post to your Instagram or Facebook account and tag us in the photo using the hashtag and tag below:

Tag the shop in your post and/or story with - @drift_outfitters

Hashtag your photo and/or story with #takeyournetandstuffit

…that’s “take your net and stuff it 2021” with no spaces and the # in front.

By following those steps while posting is how we will find and be notified that you have entered. If you don’t follow those steps, we just won’t know you’ve entered, so please follow them carefully!

The contest will run from April 16 through May 15, 2022 at mid-night.

We will select entries at random, who have successfully completed all of the steps for entry, and announce winners along the way!

Winners will be contacted through social media to get their shipping address and pertinent information (yes, we will also cover shipping costs).

Here are some other bits of info (rules) you need to know:

· Canadian entries only – sorry folks that are not in Canada, but we’re keeping this one within our borders.

· Entries that are found to not pack-out their collected garbage will be disqualified

· Entries that are found to collect trash out of context of this contest will be disqualified. (example: collecting trash out of a garbage can or dumpster)

· If you’re using a net, don’t worry if the net you are filling isn’t a brand we carry at Drift Outfitters or how much it costs, we don’t care about that. We only care that you’re making a difference and cleaning up trash on our waterways and promote acts of everyday stewardship

· Any photo that is entered into the contest we reserve the right to use for the purposes of promoting stewardship and this contest and may be shared on Drift Outfitters & Fly Shop Ltd.’s social media channels, newsletter and anywhere else we see fit.

· You may enter multiple times with different loads of garbage

· Only one prize per person regardless of how many entries are made by a single person

· This contest runs until May 15, 2022 at 11:59pm

Not on social media and want to take-part?

Email photos to to enter.

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