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Loss of Access - Credit River

Updated: May 16, 2019

A few bad apples can spoil an access point.

We have just received notice that the public access point on the Credit River to access water downstream of McLaughlin Road has been retracted by the landowner. Anyone who does enter the river, or walk the banks of the river at this (former) access point is now illegally trespassing. The landowner does own the bottom of the river and both banks, and is in their every right to limit and/or prohibit access.

When questioned why he is retracting from the agreement that Trout Unlimited has had with the landowners to allow public access he stated that it was due to poor behavior from anglers and non-anglers.

You may still access the stretch below this property by accessing from The Grange Side Road and walking up river.

Please, respect the landowners wishes as he has also stated that he would be open to discussion about opening up the access point again in a year's time.

Access to rivers, streams, and creeks is becoming less and less as landowners are choosing to post their properties to restrict or prohibit access. Please be responsible, considerate, kind, and a steward of the land and water.

A big 'thank you' goes out to John Monczka of the Greg Clark Chapter of Trout Unlimited for all of his work to trying to track down the landowner and maintain the access for anglers. Your efforts are incredibly appreciated.


The Drift Team

Please note: Access upstream of the McLaughlin Road access point is also private property with no public access to the river bed or river banks.

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