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February 29th - March 7th - 2020

Cuban angling opportunities are well regarded as legendary experiences worldwide, explore this fishery with us in 2020! We are working in partnership with Slipstream Angling Worldwide to bring you to one of Cuba's premier flats fishing destinations, Cayo Romano & Cayo Cruz!

This trip is open to 7 anglers, 5 of the 7 spots have already been booked!

Where Is It?

Located on the north shore of the eastern province of Camaguey, the Cayo Romano/Cruz fishery is an enormous system of flats, lagoons and pristine estuaries. Located in Jardines del Rey, commercial fishing within this designated area is strictly forbidden and rigorously enforced by the Cuban Government. The designated sport fish only area is 366 square kilometers in size, meaning that on the average day, each skiff has over 50 square kilometers to itself. The fishing area is virtually untouched and represents one of the cleanest and most biologically diverse ecosystems we’ve ever fished.

So How's The Fishing?

The first thing that guests need to know about when considering this location, aside from the exceptional flats fishing that is found here, is that this is a relatively new fishery by traditional standards.  It has not seen many anglers, particularly when compared to other locations in the Caribbean that offer this quality of fishing. The senior guides now have many years of experience and the level of improvement, even from just a couple of years ago, is really quite remarkable. What was once a weakness at this operation is now a strength. The guides are good and they know the fishery.

The boats depart from Cayo Cruz each morning and depending on the guide rotation that day, you may be heading to any number of areas to spend the day. From Cayo Paredon Grande in the north to Cayo Guanaja in the south, there are countless islands, lagoons and bays that will keep anglers happy and into fish. Much of the fishing takes place back towards the mainland, in and around the massive island of Cayo Romano. The average boat run to the fishing areas is about 20 minutes in length and you can be into fish within 5 minutes of leaving the boat docks. It just depends on where your guide wants to take you that day and what you are interested in targeting. With 50 square kilometers per boat, the options are just about limitless. There are so many great aspects to this fishery that it can truly be a sensory overload at times.

The flats are an inviting combination of hard packed white sand and a semi firm mottled bottom that still provides good wading. And what a place this is for those who like to wade. It’s very similar to Los Roques in terms of the amount of area that’s wadable and there are places here where you can wade for 4 straight hours without heading back to the boat.

The average sized bonefish is a healthy 4 pounds and during the course of the week it is not unheard of for guests to land a fish or two in the 10 pound range. Tailing bonefish are common and guests can expect to see bonefish in singles and doubles, all the way up to schools of several hundred fish. What really sets this location apart from so many other fisheries is that guests can expect to encounter and get shots at good numbers of permit each day. There are very few places on earth where guests can fish for big bonefish each day and get shots at tailing permit. This combination may take place in other locations but not with the consistency that is virtually guaranteed at Cayo Romano. It is a rare day when you don’t encounter and get shots at permit. The permit will range in size between about 8 and 30 pounds.

There are two locations within the Cayo Romano that offer very good tarpon fishing and both are about an 80 minute boat ride from the Cayo Cruz boat launch. The guides tend to save these areas for when an angler has already boated a permit and is looking for a Grand Slam. These fish will range from 30 to 90 pounds.

What's Included?

  • Transfers between Cayo Coco Airport and Cayo Cruz

  • 7 nights at the NEW Oceans Arena Blanca at Cayo Cruz (dbl occupancy)

  • 6 days of guided fishing, shared skiff

  • Cuban sport fishing license

  • Comprehensive pre trip information package

  • All meals

  • Some Alcohol

Not Included

  • Flights to and from Cayo Coco

  • $100 USD Cuban Conservation Fee

  • Fly and spin fishing gear (there are no fly shops in Cuba)

  • Gratuities for Guides and support staff

  • Mandatory Cuban Medical Insurance Policy as of May 1, 2010

  • Travel Insurance Trip Price - $3299 USD We anticipate this trip selling out very quickly, if you'd like more information please call or email us and we'll be happy to provide more detail! All bookings will be handled through Slipstream Angling Worldwide, if you're looking to book please send us your contact information and we'll put you in touch with them to confirm your spot!

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