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Atlantic Salmon DIY Video & Upcoming Fundraiser

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

It has been in production since our departure to the Gaspe river of Quebec back in September, now it is here for you to view. Aldo of the So Fly Crew captured our trip incredibly well, and we've turned it into a "How To - DIY Atlantic Salmon Trip" for you!

For far too long Atlantic salmon angling on the East Coast of Canada has been thought to be unapproachable, expensive, and for an exclusive few. With vast amounts of public access you can fish for Atlantic salmon on your own, and on a tight budget! Most rivers even have detailed maps of where to access, where to fish, and the ZEC (river management office) will even tell you what's hot, and what flies to use!

This incredible Canadian resource is there for you to experience, and we hope you do - it can be life changing.

Check the video out and see how straight forward, easy, and cheap it can be!

Check out more work from the So Fly Crew at - WWW.SOFLY.CA

For info on the cabin we stayed in, click this link to the cabin's Facebook page

Atlantic salmon need your help!

The threats to the species are real, and you can help.

If you care about a species you most likely want to see it thrive for generations to come.

So, go fish for Atlantic salmon, fall in love with them, and jump on a cause such as the Atlantic Salmon Federation - WWW.ASF.CA

This year the Atlantic Salmon Federation is bringing a new format to their spring fundraising event. It is now way more laid back, less formal, and way more fun! If you're interested in attending, click on the image below to the event link where you can check out the price of tickets and book your spot!


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