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Grand River - Middle Section

The Middle Grand has a wide variety of access points, but also many secluded sections. There are really great opportunities for warm water species, especially smallmouth bass, to keep you busy when the temps are too warm for trout.

A drift boat, pontoon, or canoe is a really great way to explore this large section of river. What defines the middle is perhaps a bit debateable, but we’ll say it effectively starts below West Montrose where the water temps are a bit warmer and the trout fishing starts to taper off, and extends to about Brantford.

There are a number of significant barriers through this section that provide further sub-divisions. Brown trout are still a possibility downstream of Paris and just upstream of Brantford, along with a healthy population of resident rainbow trout.
Great Lakes steelhead can not make it over the dam in Paris, you'll only find them downstream of there.

Below Paris, Steelhead from Lake Erie are common during the spring run. Channel cats and walleye become far more prevalent downstream of Cambridge, though they are present throughout the watershed. For detailed access points and species information, check the Grand River Conservation Authority Website.  Please note that most of the water between Paris and Brantford on the Grand River have special regulations which are the use of a single barbless hook only, and it is a full catch & release zone.

Species most often caught:
Smallmouth Bass - Pike - Walleye - Pike - Carp
Great Lakes Steelhead - Rainbow Trout -
Brown Trout

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