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Grand River - Tailwater Section

The tailwater section begins below the Shand Dam at Belwood Lake, extends through the town of Fergus, through the beautiful Elora Gorge and is generally considered to end around West Montrose. This is a famous brown trout fishery and is supported by a robust stocking program. The trout in this section are willing to bite, and can often exceed 20 inches - there is good reason for the popularity of the fishery! There are special regulations in some sections of the tailwater, so be sure to check your regs before you head out. When in doubt, just fish a single fly tied on a single barbless, or de-barbed, hook. Access tends to be very good - lots of parking and public access points along the road next to the river. There is also camping available at the Elora Gorge Conservation Area if you’re looking to make a weekend of it. 

The Upper Grand River tailwater section is known for it's hatches.If you're a dry fly angler this is a fantastic river to fish targeting brown trout on the surface.  Don't let that stop you from chucking streamers (big and small!), and nymphing, every tactic can produce quality fish.  Many brown trout in the 24"+ category caught every year,
be prepared don't bring a small net.

Species most often caught:
Brown trout - Smallmouth Bass - Walleye - Pike - Car

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