Drift Outfitters - Advanced Euro Nymphing Lesson - Sat, July 20th 1pm

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Product description

Group Lesson: (4 Students - 1 Instructor)

Duration: 4hr

Taught by: Chris Krysciak

Classes are held in Fergus ON, on the Grand River (roughly 1.5hr drive from Toronto)

Cost is per person

Czech nymphing, Spanish nymphing, French nymphing, Polish nymphing, all can be described under the heading of "euro nymphing". Over the last few years there has been a huge surge in interest in this way of fishing and for the very simple reason, it works! Learn how the gear works, leader construction, fly selection, casting, adapting to conditions and more. Compared to our introductory class, in this session we will be covering advanced techniques including nymphing at long range, using lighter leaders, fishing tandem flies, and gear modifications. Students should already have experience euro nymphing. All taught by Fly Fishing Team Canada member Chris Krysciak.

Please note that the time allotted for each class is the average amount of time it takes to cover all topics. Depending on students we may cover all intended topics early and have time for additional instruction, or we might not complete all intended topics in the allotted time. Course times are firm.

Courses are 4 hours long and are open to 4 students each. If water temperatures on the river exceed 68 degrees F the class will be postponed in order to ensure safe catch and release fishing.  If a minimum of 2 students are not enrolled 48hrs before the scheduled date we will postpone the class.

What we do provide (for use during lesson)

  • Rods, reels, fly line, leader, tippet, flies
  • Flotation hip pack (mandatory, to be worn at all times around water)
  • expert instruction
  • Take-home print out summary of key points

What you must bring (because we won't!)

For the law:

  • A valid Ontario fishing license (obtained online at https://www.ontario.ca/page/fishing-licence-canadian-residents, Service Ontario)
    • Ontario Fishing licenses are NOT provided by the instructor, they must be purchased before the start of the lesson. Anyone who arrives to a lesson without a valid license who isn't under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 will not be admitted to the lesson.
  • Photo ID (to verify fishing license when checked by a Ministry of Natural Resources Conservation Officer or Police Officer)

For safety:

  • waders & boots, proper boots/footwear with adequate traction must be worn (mandatory)
  • Brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses, prescription glasses, or protective eye wear
  • Sunscreen


  • Thick socks (for inside waders)
  • Soft pant (fleece or similar; no denim, corduroy, etc.!) (for inside waders)
  • Thermal bottom layer (long underwear, etc.), as necessary


  • Refillable water bottle with your choice of non-alcoholic beverage
  • Snacks
  • Guide gratuity (if you're happy with your day!)

NOTE: The mandatory waiver and student information form will be sent in a follow-up email and must be submitted well in advance of the class date.  Students will not be admitted to any course without a signed waiver, complete student information form, specified safety equipment and a valid Ontario fishing license.

Participants between the ages of 14 and 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Please see the policy below!

Class & Cancellation Policy

Class Policy

  • All attendees must sign the release of liability waiver provided before the course commences


  • All attendees must wear the PFDs provided at all times during the course, anytime they are near water. PFDs used for the course are manual-inflated and hip worn.


  • All attendees must provide their own and wear protective eyewear (prescription glasses, safety glasses, or sunglasses) and a brimmed hat, and must wear them through the entire duration of the lesson. Any student arriving at the lesson without protective eyewear or a hat will not be admitted to the course.


  • All attendees must provide suitable clothing for the weather conditions.


  • No attendee will monopolize the instructor's time through requests and questions, as it must be shared equally amongst all students.
  • No participants may be under the age of 14. A parent or guardian must supervise any attendees under the age of 18 at all times.


  • Any equipment damaged during the course due to negligence of, or misuse by, an attendee will be repaired by Drift Outfitters at the expense of the attendee causing such damage. The fee charged will be the appropriate repair fee per item.


  • An individual enrolling in a course to watch the program (and not participate in hands-on portions) will be charged the same fee as full participants, unless they are supervising a minor.  The individual supervising a minor can not join in on the course without also purchasing a ticket - supervision is not participation.


Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations made within 7 days of the course will not be issued a refund. Cancellations made up to 7 days before the course will be issued a full refund.


  • Cancellations made within 7 days due to testing positive for Covid-19 will be offered the option for reschedule, no refunds are available for cancellations within 7 days.


  • Any cancellations of the course due to extreme weather, dangerously high water levels, high winds, or lightning will result in a full refund to the purchaser of the course, or can be used as credit at Drift Outfitters & Fly Shop, and/or deferred to a later date, at the discretion of the student.


Safety is our number one priority. Proper footwear and eye protection (hat & sunglasses) must be worn at all times, pfd's must be worn when in and around water. Students will be instructed in addition on how to behave around water including wading safety, freeing of snags, and hook setting (the last two points are mandated by our insurance provider). Students must fill out a student information form, waiver, and agree to terms, including Covid 19 related conditions before any instruction takes place.

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