Drift Outfitters

Fly Tying Ambassadors

It is hard to know where to look when it come to local fly tyers, where to find inspiration, and quality tying.  Our fly tying ambassador program started in 2020 to get your eyes on our local talent, and local anglers are producing off their vises.


Mike Craparotta

Having grown up in southern Ontario, Mike has been fishing for as long as he can remember. Mike’s fishing history is rooted in Lake Simcoe. From a young age, having grown up on Snake Island, the cottage dock for bass and perch was his stomping ground. Nowadays it’s all over the map. After picking up fly fishing in his early twenties, the mix of craft and skill in fly fishing is what got him hooked. When Mike isn’t fishing, you can find him fully immersed at the vise, tying up anything from classic dry flies to modern day streamers. Now a fly tying ambassador at Drift Outfitters he is always open to giving tying tips and advice alike.

Check Mike out on Instagram - @mikecrap

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Matt Martin

Tying bio coming soon!

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Nick Roman

Nicks first fly came off the vice at 11 years old and by 14 he was tying up batches of  egg flies and flesh flies  to supply fly fishing lodges in British Columbia. He’s never been far from the vice ever since. These days his tying focuses primarily on practical flies for our local trout and smallmouth streams and back country brook trout lakes.  Nick finds that the most enjoyable part of our sport comes through identifying and matching the specific food sources unique to the rivers and lakes he has come to know.  While he is always interested in adding the next hot fly to his box, Nick is just as interested in the ecology of our rivers and enjoys nothing more than chatting with other tiers to hear their theories and experiences from the water that can be put to use on the vice.

Check Nick out on Instagram - @salmographer


Gabriel Bizeau-Regis

After co-creating the greatest podcast anyone wielding a fly rod in Ontario knows about, So Fly, and after being a long time member of the Drift Outfitters Team, Gab made the move back to where it all started. Gab moved himself and his tying bench back to the hills surrounding of Quebec in winter 2020.


Gab wanted to take his experiences with Drift, and chasing fish around Ontario, to make  something of his own around Quebec city. He started his guiding operation in the summer of 2020 on his favourite river, the Jacques-Cartier, where he cut his teeth as a  young fly angler.  Gab’s been developing and tweaking flies for his local waters, and has been narrowing down patterns for himself and his clients.  Long days have been spent on the water with his wife, and clients, dialling in the brook trout of the Jacques-Cartier.

Check Gab out on Instagram - @gabbizeauphotographie