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The Credit River is one of the most diverse fisheries in the GTA and draws anglers from across the region. Famous for its healthy steelhead and salmon runs, and resident trout fishery, the Credit should not be discounted as a year round fishery for warm water species.


The river can be roughly divided into three general sections: the upper cold water section which begins in the Orangeville area and extends to the Norval dam, the middle “mixed water” section between Norval and Streetsville Dam, and the lower “warm water” section from Streetsville to Lake Ontario.


For more detailed information on the C&R portion Upper Credit,

please see the separate description.


Due to the obstruction of the Streetsville dam, the middle Credit is primarily a seasonal Steelhead and salmon fishery with limited populations of resident species.


Below Streetsville, the Credit has a number of publicly accessible sections that are well known and very productive for Steelhead from October to May.  This entire section is also a good warm water fishery in the summer with smallmouth bass, carp and panfish throughout.

Due the significant pressure on this river we do highly encourage you to practice catch & release and great fish handling.  The Credit River is an incredible resources and it is incredibly accessible for anglers - we need to preserve it for each other.

The Credit Valley Conservation Authority website is a treasure trove of information in terms of species and access.

Species most often caught:
Chinook (King) & Coho salmon (seasonal)
Great Lakes Steelhead (seasonal)
Atlantic Salmon (occasional & seasonal)
Migratory Brown Trout (seasonal)
Smallmouth Bass

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