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Located in Grey County, the Bighead River is a well known steelhead fishery that has historically hosted large runs of fish.


As with the Beaver, its source is along the Niagara escarpment and it empties into Georgian Bay. The river, in the public access sections, has a fairly steep gradient compared to most river in the area, it is fantastic pocket water fishing for Great Lakes steelhead and a true gem.  Fish stocking does not take place on the Bighead, the fish are naturalized and self sustaining. 

Please practice catch & release to ensure a healthy fishery for years to come.


There are popular publicly accessible sections through the town of Meaford near the mouth of the river, as well as further upstream in the Bighead River Conservation Area, however like the Beaver, much of the river runs through private land. As always, please be respectful of No Trespassing signs and be sure to stay on good terms with landowners.

Species most often caught:
Chinook (King) & Coho salmon (seasonal)
Great Lakes Steelhead (seasonal)
Migratory Brown Trout (seasonal)
Brook Trout*
Rainbow Trout*
Brown Trout*
Smallmouth Bass (limited population)
*limited access due to private property

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