For Anglers by Anglers

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, we strive to meet the needs of fly anglers by offering a very large range of equipment and products, employing knowledgeable and approachable staff, contributing to the local fly fishing community, and keeping up with the latest trends in the sport. 

We saw the need for a fully inclusive shop that is welcoming and embraces all walks of life, with an incredible web store to service all of Canada, so we made it happen! We pride ourselves on our welcoming, and accommodating staff - people who educated themselves with expert knowledge of the sport, so that they can answer any questions that you might have.  Whether you are just starting off, maybe just curious about the sport and want to know what its about, or you are a seasoned vet, our staff will be approachable with any and all questions.

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Rob Cesta

Owner/operator & full time staff, Spey Casting Instructor

Born and raised in Toronto, Rob's beginnings as an angler started on a small brook trout stream just outside of Burk's Falls, Ontario at his family's farm property.  Like most kids, a box of worms from the local gas station and a pocket full of red and white bobbers were his weapon of choice.  His passion for angling carried forward through into his teen years, leading Rob to pick up his first fly rod to hit the lakes of Muskoka for smallmouth bass.  Since then, he has never looked back.

In the summer of 2012, Rob attended the Clark Fork River Guide School just outside of St. Regis, Montana,  gaining knowledge and skill in aquatic entomology, Mackenzie drift boat maneuvering, and principles of fly casting.  After pursuing the guide life for a few years, Rob could not pass up an incredible opportunity to own & operate his own fly shop in downtown Toronto.  From fly fishing for Atlantic salmon on pristine Quebec rivers, to targeting bones, permit and tarpon on the flats, Rob has done it all and is eager to share his passion and knowledge!

Chris Krysciak

Shop Manager, Custom Fly Tyer, Fly Casting Instructor

Chris started tying and fly fishing when he was 8 years old, since then he has fished everywhere from Cuba to Montana to British Columbia to Quebec and has developed a passion for not only the fishing but the history and art of the sport.  Chris has been to the International Fly Tying Symposium as a demonstration tyer, featured in fly tying magazines and has won fly tying competitions abroad, his favourite area of tying is classic Atlantic salmon flies as well as big musky and predator flies. For about eight years now he has been a commercial tyer and is  now the proud custom tyer for Drift Outfitters.  Whatever that effective pattern is that you've only ever found one of, he can tie it!  Chris is also an avid competitive angler and loves all of the innovative new techniques the competitive world breeds.

Eric Cho

Full Time Shop Staff

Joining our team in 2019 Eric has become a very familiar face around the shop!  Eric has a tremendous knowledge of fly fishing and fly tying, along with centrepin gear, techniques and fishing, and conventional angling.    Having lived (and fished) in Alberta for a number of years his knowledge of the area has been a great asset for traveling anglers.

Alex Ginther

Part Time & Fly Fishing Instructor

Leading a life of contrasts, Alex spends half his year immersed in the world of fly fishing and half in Toronto’s office towers. We’ll let you guess which he enjoys more.


Look for Alex on our local waterways as he helps clients chase brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and steelhead. If you don’t see him there, look north; Alex spends the summer guiding for arctic grayling, arctic char and lake trout at a premier fly-in lodge in the N.W.T. and Nunavut. Alex regularly visits freshwater destinations in Montana, Virginia and British Columbia to find some fish for himself. While in the shop, Alex takes pride in providing our customers with honest, practical advice. You can trust him (and everyone else at Drift) to hand you to the rod, reel or tying material that best suits your goals, abilities and budget; nothing more and nothing less. Alex’s work as a guide is the source of his focus on functionality and efficiency.

Scout - The Fly Shop Dog

Branch Manager

Scout joined out team in October of 2019.  After an absentee period at retriever school he is back with us full-time!  Scout loves long walks on the river bank, retrieving just about any object, and good scratches behind the ear.  When you see him, feel free to say hi, but please make sure he is sitting before you give him a pet - we don't want him forming bad habits!

Not a dog person? No problem, let us know and we'll have Scout in his crate chewing on a treat during your visit.